Here You Come Again


Hello friends (and possible foes). How many of these posts have you read from me since we've known each other? I'd guess more than 3 but less than 7. What can I say? I have the best of intentions every time I start a blog, and I have started several. I can't help it, really. I am busy but bored by nature but I have good stories. I offer fresh perspective (maybe). I am conceited in the way only a millennial can be, yet hesitant and self conscious as only an anxious human can be. That being we are again, so come along with me.


Well, I am Natalie Meagan (most of my IRL buds call me the latter but I answer to both) I am the mother of two smart, sweet, silly kids named Jack and Sam who loves drawing, swimming, video games, making me laugh, giving hugs and playing like only little boys can. We live in Memphis, Tennessee, for the moment where I work a full time job doing something I can't explain and I am the owner, founder, and sole operator of The Crybaby Club, an international community and brand that I started 2 years ago based around the idea of sensitivity as a strength and echoed in our cute apparel, mugs and enamel pins, most of which are designed by me. See what I mean by "busy"? Also if labels are your thing, I'm an INFP, Capricorn with a Cancer moon, and my love language is "words of affirmation." Are you excited yet?



In no particular order...

  • Motherhood
  • Mental Illness
  • Motherhood + Mental Illness
  • Small Business stuff
  • Podcasting
  • Life in Memphis
  • Art and Design
  • Life according to little, old me and mine


If I am being an idealist I would say something like twice a month, but it could be more and it could be WAY less, I know myself too well. I do know that it will be at night, with my kids fast asleep.


Because I want to. Because it is therapeutic. Because it could be helpful to someone else. Because stories are what bring us together. Because maybe my kids will want to read it one day to feel closer to me. Because I am good at it. Because it is hard for me to sleep, so I may as well write. Because it is fun. Because I have a lot to say. Because you want to read it. Because why not.

I am really excited to start. I plan for this blog to have a little bit of everything, something for everyone, and something I am proud to look back on when I am old and the carpal tunnel takes over. Thanks for reading friends, I hope you stick with me. Also, please say hello and tell me about you. <3