Fight On

It is important to remember to fight on even when there is nothing left in you.
When you feel drained or empty or like nothing will ever feel whole again, know that it will.
Tell yourself out loud that you will survive this. I mean, look at all you’ve survived already.
The fighter’s spirit is in you and has been all along. You are your own best friend.
You are your support system. You are you, and that is enough.

Fight for you.

You deserve it.

As as I write this I am sinking in existential dread and melancholy. For no reason. My day was lovely, my family is amazing, and yet, here I sit. Struggling inside my own head.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better for me, but for now, I just have to continue to fight for that tomorrow. I won’t always feel this way and knowing that…it makes me want to wake up tomorrow.

Natalie MeaganComment