You Cried


Just needed a little reminder myself after crying so much last night.
This season of my life is very vulnerable and lonely.
The stress levels are high so I wanted to take a moment and reflect.

I have a new therapist that is helping me work towards peace.
I am making art that I am proud of and that resonate with thousands.
I started washing my face twice a day, which seems small but it isn’t.
I let go of friendships that weigh me down.
I put myself first, I put my children before that.
I am alone often.
I am painting the walls white.
I am sitting with bad feelings until I am not afraid of them anymore.
I ask for what I need, I take care of business.
I am packing for Disney.

I am enjoying where I am without force.
I won’t be lonely/sad/lost/depressed forever,
I just momentarily wallow, process, and move on.