Sound Bites | 2

It’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done
To love somebody and still run
— Still Run, 2018

So, I discovered this band thanks to iTunes for you section a few months ago and have never been more delighted. This band makes me feel things, good and sad, and lots of both. 

When I found them, they only had one album, an EP and a bunch of remixes to choose from, but their new album Still Run JUST dropped and I have been playing it non stop ever since. 

I am not a music critic, I actually would be the first to say that I have questionable taste and NO knowledge of music aside from, " this sounds good to me, I like it." That being said, this sounds good and I like it. I like it a lot. Maybe check it out, if you want. 


One of my favorite lines: When I look at you, I still see my family

Heart eyes all the way home.