Writing Poetry

The way I write my poetry may not be the correct way, but I wanted to share it with you today and see if it is helpful. Poetry seems really easy but when you start it can end up sounding monotonous or too rhymey or like you’re trying too hard.

I have managed to create in a way that is my own. I am sure I am not the first person to write like this but still. Here we go.

  1. Write first, edit later.
    I know this one is kind of well known among writers, but I do it and it is an integral piece of my process. I just get all my thoughts out on the paper and then walk away from it for a while. When I come back I read through it…which is my next step

  2. Read it out loud.
    This one is another common thing but it helps me to imagine how this poem may be read and interpreted by the reader by reading it out loud. I like to know what it sounds like in the spoken form to see if it flows, because we silently read in our heads the way we would read out loud. It helps things to flow a bit more.

  3. Piece things together.
    I seriously have collaged poems for years. I may think of a line and write it down and then months or even years go by before I find a place for it. I combine lines, I add and take away or change lines. I think up amazing phrases but in only like one or two lines and you can’t just write poems in short lines…I mean, you can but I want more out of mine. I use this technique to tell one story out of a bunch of little stories or feelings. The poem I posted before this…I wrote the line “My hands shake, my teeth clench…” in January but I wrote other lines yesterday. The poem came together on its own.

  4. Don’t expect epic greatness, write what feels real and important.
    Do I want to be known as a great poet? Sure why not. Will i? Probably not, but I want the people who read my work to be struck by it in a familiar way. Someone told me that reading my poetry was like having a book hold your hand and tell you that you aren’t alone. That is what I want. If I keep writing what is important to me, maybe I will be the next Shakespeare. Who knows, maybe you will too!

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