My Newest Pins

It has been a while since I had pins made for The Crybaby Club. New ones anyway, I restock older designs from time to time and I have been working for a lot of clients on pins of their own but the other day I was just DYING to make some of my own. I was also in a bit of a creative slump which is never a good time to try to make new things because then you are putting all this pressure on yourself and its just no fun.

Pins are fun, so I waited until I had 4 ideas that I really liked. I started with two (the mouth and the heart) and the other two came about in their own time.

Speak One Kinder- I drew this weeks ago and the reaction to it was so positive that I had to figure out a way to turn it into a pin. It is a great challenge for people who suffer from a lot of negative self talk (raises hand) and want to learn to speak kinder to themselves. That was the whole idea behind it, this one is pretty straight forward.

Lumos - The other day the boys and I were watching Harry Potter all the way through (again) and I began to draw this design as we watched. I like the idea so much of a spell for creating your own light when you need it, a charm to help light your way through the darkness. I loved it so much I decided it needed to be a part of the new releases, even if it isn’t “on brand” hell, its my brand! :)

Sensitive + Strong - this one is another pretty self explanatory one, I made this not too long ago, turned it into a shirt, a print, a sticker and now a pin. I think it will be super chic when it arrives and I can’t wait to see the reaction to the pin form.

NO - this one is just fun because NO is a powerful word to say, and of course I had to make it pink. I believe in the power of saying no. It is not something I was particularly good at in my younger years, but have over time learned to form it in my mouth and let it fly when needed. To plans, to dates, to chores, to jobs… saying now is liberating and I believe we should all get better at saying it and say it more.

Thank you for taking this walk with me down Inspiration Lane. I hope you leave better than you came. <3